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About Us

Think Like A Key Music is a boutique record label based in the United States, dedicated to spotlighting the often unsung artists of music. Whether it's an inspired singer-songwriter album, classic psychedelic pop, modern indie rock or progressive jams from the 70s, our mission is to curate timeless, inspiring, and interesting releases that echo in the hearts and minds of listeners in an ever-changing world. We are committed to championing the spirit of ownership and the pursuit of happiness through music. "We WILL own things and BE HAPPY!" With our blend of contemporary meets nostalgic vibes, we aim for every release to touch the soul profoundly.

In our quest to share these musical treasures, we've partnered with a trusted global distribution network, including our direct-to-fan shop powered by the Ochre. This ensures that our melodies find their way to the ears of true connoisseurs, no matter where they are. We pride ourselves on offering unique musical experiences, steering clear of the mundane. After all, music lovers deserve more than just the same album repackaged in multiple vinyl hues. By supporting Think Like A Key Music, you're not just buying a record; you're championing the spirit of independent artists.

Recognizing the enduring allure of CDs, Think Like A Key Music is committed to the CD revival. We're reissuing choice titles on CD, ensuring each release is boasted by exceptional remastering and meticulous attention to packaging detail. This dedication to quality ensures that our listeners receive a product that's not only sonically superior but also a visual and tactile delight.

To the trailblazers, the dreamers, and the creators out there: if you're an artist with a vision, have a groundbreaking release idea, or are a licensor looking for collaboration, we're all ears... get in touch!

6538 Collins Avenue #246 Miami Beach, FL 33141 United States

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