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The Be Positives

The Be Positives

In Manchester's vibrant music scene, The Be Positives, fronted by the prodigiously talented Mike Seal, are redefining genre boundaries. Their latest offering, Everything About, released under Think Like A Key Music, blurs the lines between classic rock, country, folk, and prog with an audacious flair. This quartet, evolving from the raucous roots of Proto Idiot, acclaimed by VICE for their raw, unpolished brilliance, delivers a sonic experience that's both nostalgically familiar and thrillingly novel. The album's standout track, "I Just Want To See You," described by The Big Takeover as an "adrenalized guitar-rock rush," encapsulates the band's ability to blend McCartney-esque melodies with a Nick Lowe-like lyrical sharpness. The Be Positives are not just another band; they are a storm of musical innovation and ideas, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving tapestry of modern rock.

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