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Ex Norwegian

Ex Norwegian

A distinctively irreverent rock outfit, fueled by the talents of singer-songwriter Roger Houdaille. Since their inception in 2008, their music has been a resonant blend of 60s & 70s vibes, melding retro garage jams with inventive pop. Their magnetic sound, both nostalgic and fresh, beckons listeners to dive deeper into their expansive discography.

In 2021, they celebrated the legacy of Liverpool’s unsung hero, Jimmy Campbell, with a tribute album enlisting the likes of John Ford of the Strawbs, Edward Rogers, Joe Kane, DC Cardwell, and John Howard. Their prolific nature shines with their thirteenth album, Spook Du Jour, dropping in 2022 and the much-anticipated fourteenth, Sooo Extra, slated for late 2023. As testament to their enduring appeal, Think Like A Key Music is currently re-issuing a significant portion of Ex Norwegian's rich back catalog.

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