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Flash, a pioneering progressive rock band, was formed in 1972 by original Yes guitarist Peter Banks with singer Colin Carter, bassist Ray Bennett, drummer Mike Hough. Keyboardist Tony Kaye joins in for their self-titled debut which was released in 1972. The band went on to make a big impact on the music scene, with three Billboard charting albums and the top 30 hit single "Small Beginnings." The powerful musicianship of the band and their unique brand of progressive rock made them one of the most exciting acts of the early 1970s.

However, despite their success, Flash was short-lived, lasting until October 1973. Despite this, their legacy lives on through their music and the recent release of a three-disc set, In The USA, by Think Like A Key Music. The set brings together a collection of live recordings from their three US tours from 1972-1973, showcasing the raw energy and musical prowess of the band during their prime. This set is a must-have for fans of progressive rock and those who appreciate the early work of these brilliant and largely unsung musicians.


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