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LMNOP is the musical project of an artist who grew up with a passion for music and records. As a child, they made fake albums on cassettes, each with its own band name, album title, cover, and label art. After struggling with self-hatred and inferiority complexes in young adulthood, they decided to start a real band, eventually settling on the name LMNOP in 1982, chosen for its short length and musical ring.

In 1983, they released the first LMNOP album, which received good reviews and sparked local interest in Atlanta, Georgia. To promote the project, they used a variety of marketing materials and even started creating mini-booklets for their live shows. Eventually, additional musicians were added to the live band, while the artist continued to record solo with guest musicians at home. Over time, the LMNOP project has evolved, with a focus on promoting the love of music and creativity, and the artist continues to push boundaries with their unique style and innovative ideas.


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