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Brian Bordello

Brian Bordello

Striding through the alternative folk and lo-fi landscape with a quarter-century of tunes under his belt, Brian "Shea" Bordello, the charismatic frontman of The Bordellos, has carved a niche as a true artisan of the introspective and raw. Dubbed "the king of low-fi" by Goldmine, Bordello's music is a tapestry of curmudgeonly wit and stark simplicity, standing tall in an industry often dazzled by glitter and gloss. Eschewing high-polish production for the raw charm of "basic" recording, his "anti-music" or "no-fi" approach strikes a chord of genuine, unfiltered honesty. Bordello weaves lyrical tales – a mix of personal anecdotes and reflections on the world – inviting listeners into a realm of cryptic yet profound musings. As Greg Healey said, there’s no need to wait for Bordello's final bow to recognize his genius; his legacy is a bold testament to audacious authenticity, etching his mark on humanity's musical canvas.


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