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Brian Bordello

Brian Bordello

Brian "Shea" Bordello is a musical force to be reckoned with. As the front man of alternative/psychedelic folk/lo-fi band The Bordellos, he has been delivering thought-provoking and introspective music to listeners for nearly a quarter of a century. Dubbed "the king of low-fi" by Goldmine Magazine, Bordello's music is like an intimate evening spent exploring your own thoughts and emotions.

With a unique style that blends curmudgeonly observations and stripped-down sonic simplicity, Bordello's music is unlike anything else in the industry. Despite being labeled as "anti-music" and "no-fi", Bordello himself sees his work as highly musical, just recorded in a basic manner. His lyrics, often autobiographical or based on true life events, are a testament to his unapologetic and raw honesty.

In a recent interview, Bordello stated that there is nothing he wouldn't write about, as he often writes in a cryptic manner, leaving listeners to interpret the meaning for themselves. With a career spanning almost 25 years and a dedication to exploring the depths of human experience, it's no wonder that, as Greg Healey Words put it, "you don’t have to wait for Brian Bordello to pass to sing his praises."


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