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Wally Waller

Wally Waller

Wally Waller, a pivotal figure in the legendary rock band The Pretty Things, profoundly shaped their sound across celebrated albums like Emotions, S.F. Sorrow, and Parachute. Stepping up as a creative force alongside Phil May after Dick Taylor's departure in 1969, Waller co-crafted "Parachute," under Norman Smith's production, a timeless classic now reimagined in his lockdown project Kitchen Rock, released by Think Like A Key Music. Waller's musical odyssey didn't end with The Pretty Things; post-1971, he ventured into production with EM, collaborated in France with Philippe Debarge, and explored various musical avenues, including a band with Twink and the enigmatic Electric Banana. Waller's diverse musical endeavors, spanning from influential rock anthems to experimental projects, underscore his enduring passion and dedication to the art form.


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