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Peter Daltrey

Peter Daltrey

Peter Daltrey, a maestro of psychedelic soundscapes, has been weaving musical magic since the heady days of the '60s with Kaleidoscope and Fairfield Parlour. Daltrey, a vocal alchemist, melded his lyrical wizardry with a kaleidoscopic range of genres, collaborating with the likes of Damien Youth and Arjen Anthony Lucassen. Despite being hailed as successors to the Beatles, Kaleidoscope's star didn't rise as hoped, leading to a hiatus until their sound was nostalgically resurrected in the '80s. Daltrey's solo odyssey, peppered with gems like Dream On and Heroine, rekindled interest in his artistry. Fast-forward to 2022, and Daltrey is stirring the pot again with Mark Mortimer in The Know Escape, culminating in their 2023 album Running Through Chelsea. It's a vibrant meld of modern production and Daltrey's timeless lyrical charm, proving this East Londoner's flair for reinvention is as spirited as ever. 2024 kicks off with a brand new album, The Leopard And The Lamb.


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