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Mark Mortimer

Mark Mortimer

Mark Mortimer is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter, producer who played was bass guitarist and a founding member of the band DC Fontana. He began his musical career as a guitarist in school, but later switched to playing the bass. Mark was also a former member of The Dream Factory, a northern soul band that gained a large following in the mid-80s.

Throughout his musical journey, Mark formed close relationships with many influential musicians, including singer Julian Cope, and Donald Ross Skinner. Mark has played in various groups, including The Great Express, Space Seeds, Bash Out The Odd (later renamed The Strangeloves), and more recently, The Know Escape. In 1992, Mark left journalism to become the head of publicity and marketing for indie dance label Network Records. There, he worked with several successful house and techno acts, such as Altern 8 and Kevin Saunderson. Mark also became involved with The Trammps and appeared with them on several television programs, including Top of the Pops and Children in Need.

In 2023, The Know Escape released an album with his long-time music hero Peter Daltrey, of the band Kaleidoscope. Mark continues to be an active member of the music community, and his passion and dedication for music continue to inspire those around him.

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