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St Johns Wood Affair

St Johns Wood Affair

St Johns Wood Affair, a collective steeped in the rich tapestries of psychedelic sound, seamlessly blends original compositions with timeless covers. Led by Keith Smart, the band is a melting pot of distinct talents and varied musical heritages. Their kinship was forged in 2004 at a Spanish psychedelic festival, a pivotal moment where three members notably shared the stage with Nirvana UK. The band's name was indeed gifted by Patrick Campbell-Lyons of Nirvana UK, and reflects a cherished track from Keith's favorite album and symbolizes their creative openness. Their self-titled debut album, recently released in an expanded and remastered edition, showcases their deep passion for psychedelia, presenting a rich, immersive journey that highlights their role as both connoisseurs and innovators in the genre.


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