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The Be Positives
Think Like A Key Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
29 Oktober 2021

Manchester's The Be Positives deliver a striking sophomore album that captures both their punchy group sound and their knack for writing memorable pop/rock songs. The four-piece's diverse musical influences make for a compelling album. Featuring the garage-fueled Please Please Please and rascally, adrenalized I Just Want To See Her all the way to the acoustic balladry of You And I and even rockabilly on Dazed. Their entire set confirms the immense talent they possess and the seriousness taken to their craft.

Digitale Titelliste

  1. 1 Heaven Knows 3:02 Kaufen

    Heaven Knows

  2. 2 I Just Want to See Her 2:29 Kaufen

    I Just Want to See Her

  3. 3 Only What I Feel 2:21 Kaufen

    Only What I Feel

  4. 4 Please Please Please 2:33 Kaufen

    Please Please Please

  5. 5 Everything About It/Lost & Found 4:59 Kaufen

    Everything About It/Lost & Found

  6. 6 Dead & Gone 3:52 Kaufen

    Dead & Gone

  7. 7 Rain & Stormy Weather 3:10 Kaufen

    Rain & Stormy Weather

  8. 8 Dazed 3:46 Kaufen
  9. 9 I'd Rather be With You 2:56 Kaufen

    I'd Rather be With You

  10. 10 You and I 2:38 Kaufen

    You and I

  11. 11 Goodbye 4:44 Kaufen
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