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Everything About
The Be Positives
Think Like A Key Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
29 ottobre 2021

Manchester's The Be Positives deliver a striking sophomore album that captures both their punchy group sound and their knack for writing memorable pop/rock songs. The four-piece's diverse musical influences make for a compelling album. Featuring the garage-fueled "Please Please Please" and rascally, adrenalized "I Just Want To See Her" all the way to the acoustic balladry of "You And I" and even rockabilly on "Dazed." Their entire set confirms the immense talent they possess and the seriousness taken to their craft.


"With all four members singing, their are harmonies throughout. It's the sweet harmonic icing on their garage-rock cake."

Lista dei brani digitali

  1. 1 Heaven Knows 3:02 Acquista

    Heaven Knows

  2. 2 I Just Want to See Her 2:29 Acquista

    I Just Want to See Her

  3. 3 Only What I Feel 2:21 Acquista

    Only What I Feel

  4. 4 Please Please Please 2:33 Acquista

    Please Please Please

  5. 5 Everything About It/Lost & Found 4:59 Acquista

    Everything About It/Lost & Found

  6. 6 Dead & Gone 3:52 Acquista

    Dead & Gone

  7. 7 Rain & Stormy Weather 3:10 Acquista

    Rain & Stormy Weather

  8. 8 Dazed 3:46 Acquista


  9. 9 I'd Rather be With You 2:56 Acquista

    I'd Rather be With You

  10. 10 You and I 2:38 Acquista

    You and I

  11. 11 Goodbye 4:44 Acquista


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