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Spook Du Jour
Ex Norwegian
Think Like A Key Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
18 febbraio 2022

For their 13th album, the ever delightfully irreverent rockers Ex Norwegian managed to combine their sweet powerpop sensibilities with a darker, more art rock vibe–creating arguably their most unique album to date. All but one of the twelve songs on Spook Du Jour clock in under 3 minutes and all are written by group mainstay Roger Houdaille. The usual quirky lyrics and bold production are in full bloom across sophisticated rockers like “Thot Patrol,” garage driven numbers like “Vicious Cycles” down to the beautiful acoustic balladry of “Ciancia” and underground charm of “For Your Conveniences.”


"Listening to their music is like searching for lost, hidden treasure that hadn’t been open for 20 years."

Lista dei brani digitali

  1. 1 Teen Bakery 2:18 Acquista

    Teen Bakery

  2. 2 Vicious Cycles 2:36 Acquista

    Vicious Cycles

  3. 3 Ciancia 2:27 Acquista


  4. 4 Burn It 2:03 Acquista

    Burn It

  5. 5 Airlash 2:37 Acquista


  6. 6 Thot Patrol 2:41 Acquista

    Thot Patrol

  7. 7 Paging Lisa 2:19 Acquista

    Paging Lisa

  8. 8 Crazy Paving 2:49 Acquista

    Crazy Paving

  9. 9 Fresh ATM 2:35 Acquista

    Fresh ATM

  10. 10 For Your Conveniences 2:27 Acquista

    For Your Conveniences

  11. 11 Save For No Future 2:44 Acquista

    Save For No Future

  12. 12 Center Mario 3:05 Acquista

    Center Mario

Ex Norwegian

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