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Orange And Blue (2023 Remaster)
Think Like A Key Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
19 május 2023
  • CD + LP Bundle:

    • Orange And Blue (2023 Remaster) Lemez

    • Orange And Blue (2023 Remaster) CD

    Elérhető: 19 május 2023

  • Lemez

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    • + MP3


    • 140g Vibrant Blue Vinyl
    • 3mm Spined 12" Sleeve
    • Beautiful Printed Inner Sleeve With The Story of Orange And Blue
    • High-quality 350g Card Stock With Glossy Finish
    • First-Ever Vinyl Release
  • CD

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    • + MP3


    • 350g Glossy Cardboard Digipack
    • 24-Page Booklet Brimming With An Insight Essay, The Story of Orange And Blue
    • Album Lyrics
    • Rare Session Photographs and Session Details
    • Remastered by Prof. Stoned
    • First CD Reissue; Four Exclusive Bonus Tracks

Unveil the mesmerizing reissue and remaster of British Nirvana's enigmatic 1996 album, Orange And Blue. An extraordinary resurgence of songs crafted in the Sixties yet never released, this singular masterpiece effortlessly weaves the duo's distinctive quirks with a contemporary nineties flair. The fascinating tale of how this album materialized, as with all things Nirvana, is anything but ordinary and is elaborated within the enlightening liner notes.

Through the album's diverse twelve tracks, from the sci-fi pop gem "Lost In Space" to the tender ballad "Our Love Is The Sea," penned specifically for Françoise Hardy, listeners will embark on an enthralling musical journey that showcases British Nirvana's unparalleled versatility and creativity. Delight in the curiously daring cover of Kurt's Nirvana's "Lithium" and uncover the many surprises Orange And Blue has to offer.

Accompanied by rare session photographs and new interviews with the band and key collaborator Keith Smart, this definitive edition of Orange And Blue is a must-have for avid music collectors and fans of the enigmatic British Nirvana.

The Big Takeover

“A fascinating snapshot.”

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