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Games & Groceries (2023 Remaster)
R. Stevie Moore
Think Like A Key Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
24 febbraio 2023

TLAK Goes DIY series presents a welcome remastered edition of the original 1978 album Games & Groceries by R. Stevie Moore, the pioneer of home recording and do-it-yourself musical aesthetic. This double album features some of his most imaginative and entertaining writing and recording from this period, making it one of the most popular albums among RSM fans. Its music diverse, ranging from sunshine pop to new-wave powerpop, with a fair share of novelty tunes, musique concrète and disco satire. Includes one of Moore's best, "Part of the Problem" in its original late 70's form. Since 1968, the pop craftsman has cranked out hundreds of underground album-length recordings and with his catalog exploding across the internet in the 2000s, future generations are now certain to discover him as well. Featuring a proper remaster by Prof. Stoned, this is a great entry point for those who are new to the world of R. Stevie Moore and for fans, this is an overdue release.

Lista dei brani digitali

  1. 1 Games 1:28 Acquista


  2. 2 I Wanna Sleep 3:40 Acquista

    I Wanna Sleep

  3. 3 You Came Along Just In Time 2:37 Acquista

    You Came Along Just In Time

  4. 4 I'm Dancing 2:36 Acquista

    I'm Dancing

  5. 5 This Wednesday 1:59 Acquista

    This Wednesday

  6. 6 I Go Into Your Mind 2:11 Acquista

    I Go Into Your Mind

  7. 7 Horizontal Hideaway 1:06 Acquista

    Horizontal Hideaway

  8. 8 Part Of The Problem 3:45 Acquista

    Part Of The Problem

  9. 9 Mass Assembly 2:00 Acquista

    Mass Assembly

  10. 10 Short Game 0:36 Acquista

    Short Game

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R. Stevie Moore

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