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Running Through Chelsea
Peter Daltrey & The Know Escape
Think Like A Key Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
31 mars 2023

Running Through Chelsea is a groundbreaking collaboration between Peter Daltrey (of cult 60’s UK psych band Kaleidoscope) and former DC Fontana man Mark Mortimer that offers an exciting sonic adventure, combining mellotrons, baroque strings, sitars and Hammond organ with 12-string guitars, woodwinds, brass and rare folk instruments from across the globe. Embrace this lush widescreen collage of sonic and word alchemy - a kaleidoscopic delight for your ears during these troubled times. It is the perfect blend of old school talent and contemporary sensibilities.

Spill Magazine

"This is not a retro or throwback album. This is an album that may be ahead of its time."

Liste de titres pour édition numérique

  1. 1 Turn On Your Radio 4:29 Acheter

    Turn On Your Radio

  2. 2 Casablanca 3:31 Acheter


  3. 3 Those Days 4:04 Acheter

    Those Days

  4. 4 The Circle 4:03 Acheter

    The Circle

  5. 5 Time And Tide 5:10 Acheter

    Time And Tide

  6. 6 Running Through Chelsea 3:31 Acheter

    Running Through Chelsea

  7. 7 Houses & Rooms 3:39 Acheter

    Houses & Rooms

  8. 8 Come Down From The Mountain 4:55 Acheter

    Come Down From The Mountain

  9. 9 Elisa Lam 6:06 Acheter

    Elisa Lam

  10. 10 Hotel Juliet 4:32 Acheter

    Hotel Juliet

  11. 11 No Girls On Mars 8:24 Acheter

    No Girls On Mars

  12. 12 Bukowski's Tambourine 4:12 Acheter

    Bukowski's Tambourine

  13. 13 Wisteria Mews 0:45 Acheter

    Wisteria Mews

Vinyl Track List

A1 Turn On Your Radio A2 Casablanca A3 Those Days A4 The Circle A5 Time and Tide

B1 Running Through Chelsea B2 Come Down From The Mountain B3 Elisa Lam B4 Bukowski’s Tambourine B5 Wisteria Mews

--:-- --:--

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