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Beachfront Defeat (2023 Edition)
Jim Camacho
Think Like A Key Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
7 julio 2023
  • CD + LP Bundle:

    • Beachfront Defeat (2023 Edition) Vinilo

    • Beachfront Defeat (2023 Edition) CD Expanded Edition

    • + MP3

    Disponible: 7 julio 2023

  • Vinilo

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    • + MP3


    • 140g Black Vinyl
    • 3mm Spined 12" Sleeve
    • First-Ever Vinyl Release
    • Limited 100 Copies
  • CD


    Expanded Edition

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    • + MP3


    • 350g Glossy Cardboard Digipack
    • 12-Page Booklet With Lyrics and Essay By Lee Zimmerman
    • First CD Reissue; Remastered
    • Expanded With 12 Bonus Tracks

Reissue of Jim Camacho's remarkable 2009 album Beachfront Defeat. An album which exemplifies Jim's unique ability to fuse pop elements with profound emotions, serving as a testament to his unwavering creativity and talent. Boasting compelling performances and a dynamic delivery, "Beachfront Defeat" features memorable tracks such as "Is It Me," "Long Ago," and "Colors." Accompanied by a distinguished ensemble of musicians and an abundance of bonus tracks, this reissue offers you the opportunity to delve into the extraordinary journey of an artist whose capabilities know no limits. CD includes 12 bonus tracks and booklet with liner notes by Lee Zimmerman.

Miami New Times

"[A] penchant for crafting compelling choruses [which] soar with their compelling refrains and performances so resounding..."

Lista de pistas digitales

  1. 1 Is It Me 2:22 Comprar

    Is It Me

  2. 2 Long Ago 3:28 Comprar

    Long Ago

  3. 3 Colors 3:39 Comprar


  4. 4 Beachfront Defeat 3:45 Comprar

    Beachfront Defeat

  5. 5 Cowboy Jim 3:24 Comprar

    Cowboy Jim

  6. 6 Nothing Is Impossible 2:20 Comprar

    Nothing Is Impossible

  7. 7 Hello, The End 3:57 Comprar

    Hello, The End

  8. 8 Vegas 3:21 Comprar


  9. 9 Marie 4:23 Comprar


  10. 10 Who Knows 3:53 Comprar

    Who Knows

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Jim Camacho

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