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St Johns Wood Affair
St Johns Wood Affair
Think Like A Key Music
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14 luglio 2023
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Indulge in the bewitching allure of 1960s psychedelia with the expanded edition of St Johns Wood Affair's 2016 debut album. This collection mirrors the era's psych-pop vibe through inventive original tracks, including the moving "Sky Forever," an ode to Sky Saxon of The Seeds. Guided by Keith Smart and connected by a shared love of psychedelic music, the band creates a unique sonic journey, through quirky songs and amplified by their creative use of unusual instruments. This expanded edition includes never-before-heard demos, bonus cover tracks from The Seeds and Nirvana UK, and a 12-page lyric booklet.

Lista dei brani digitali

  1. 1 Electric Clouds 3:58 Acquista

    Electric Clouds

  2. 2 I Am You 3:42 Acquista

    I Am You

  3. 3 Can I Buy Your Thoughts? 4:01 Acquista

    Can I Buy Your Thoughts?

  4. 4 Fantasic Book Of Colours 6:58 Acquista

    Fantasic Book Of Colours

  5. 5 Clouds Hill 5:00 Acquista

    Clouds Hill

  6. 6 Sky Forever 4:16 Acquista

    Sky Forever

  7. 7 Love Light & Peace 4:55 Acquista

    Love Light & Peace

  8. 8 The Tripster 3:40 Acquista

    The Tripster

  9. 9 Where Is The Entrance Way To Play? 3:22 Acquista

    Where Is The Entrance Way To Play?

  10. 10 The St. John's Wood Affair 3:19 Acquista

    The St. John's Wood Affair

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