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Parachute Reloaded
Think Like A Key Music
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May 24, 2024

In 2010, the founding members of the legendary British band The Pretty Things reunited as xPTs (Ex-Pretty Things) to revisit their iconic 1970 album Parachute with the brilliant remake eventually released as Parachute Reborn. The original album was a genre-bending masterpiece that blurred the lines between blues rock, psychedelia, folk and hard rock. For the 2012 sessions, drummer Skip Alan, guitarist Peter Tolson, bassist/vocalist Wally Waller and keyboardist/vocalist Jon Povey regrouped to rework classics like "The Good Mr. Square," "Cries From the Midnight Circus" and the epic trilogy: "In The Square/The Letter/Rain".

Now in 2024, Waller has returned to the studio to remix these revered remakes to shine even brighter and bolder for this exclusive digital edition. From the extended jams to the intricate harmonies, every inspired musical moment is vividly reborn. This special digital edition of Parachute Reloaded includes bonus content that will delight die-hard fans. Including restored 1969-70 demos by Prof. Stoned and a previously unreleased track by the late guitarist Tolson. The release stands as the ultimate modern version. It's a passionate journey through one of the most exciting and daring British rock albums of the 1970s for fans and music aficionados alike.

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