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Dr. Strangely Strange

Dr. Strangely Strange

In the whirl of 1967 Dublin, Dr. Strangely Strange crafted a unique blend of experimental Irish folk, catching the eye of Joe Boyd, the mastermind behind the Incredible String Band. Debuting with Kip of the Serenes in 1969, they quickly became a psychedelic staple. Despite lineup shifts and Tim Goulding's spiritual sabbatical to a Buddhist monastery, the band's momentum continued, albeit briefly, with Ivan Pawle and Tim Booth joining forces with Gay and Terry Woods. After disbanding and sporadic reunions, including a 1972 Irish tour and an early '80s comeback, they resurfaced with Alternative Medicine in 1997. Now, Think Like A Key Music is set to revive the band's legacy with the October 2022 release of Radio Sessions, a collection of rare BBC recordings and other hidden treasures, promising a nostalgic dive into the mystic world of Dr. Strangely Strange, leading up to new music for 2024.


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