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Kaleidoscope, the enigmatic jewel in the crown of British psychedelia, etched an indelible mark in music history with their late '60s masterpieces Tangerine Dream and Faintly Blowing, and the transcendent single "Flight from Ashiya." Morphing into Fairfield Parlour in the '70s, they continued to weave their sonic tapestry with albums like From Home To Home and the cult classic White Faced Lady. Their influence, echoing that of the Velvet Underground, has been a touchstone for generations of music aficionados. Think Like A Key Music's compilation Sky Children (under the Beyond Before banner) is a definitive retrospective, spanning from their early days as The Sidekicks to their Fairfield Parlour zenith. This collection, now including a coveted DVD of rare TV appearances from 1967 and 1971, alongside electric reunion performances from 2018, is a must-have for modern music musos, encapsulating the essence of a band whose psychedelic pulse still resonates in the veins of contemporary music.


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