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Fernando Perdomo + Matt Tecu

Fernando Perdomo + Matt Tecu

In the pulsating heart of LA's music scene, two virtuosos, Fernando Perdomo and Matt Tecu, found their paths crossing in the most unique of places - in Jakob Dylan's band for Netflix's Echoes In The Canyon documentary. It wasn't long before their mutual passion for reinventing the instrumental rock genre ignited a collaboration that felt almost predestined. Drawing inspiration from the groundbreaking progressive acts of the 70s, Fernando and Matt blend their talents to create a soundscape that's both nostalgic and daringly innovative. Their debut album, Art, out early 2024 on Think Like A Key Music, isn't just a collection of tracks; it's a manifesto. Each note and chord is a brushstroke in a larger sonic masterpiece, a testament to the duo's artistic vision and unyielding dedication to their craft. Expect the unexpected with Perdomo + Tecu.


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