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The Syn

The Syn

In the fertile, explosive era of London's late '60s scene, The Syn stands out as a transformative force. Led by Steve Nardelli and bolstered by the genius of Chris Squire and Peter Banks, they bridged the gap from R&B to the nascent psychedelic and progressive rock scenes. Active in the pivotal years from 1965 to 1967, The Syn was more than just a band; they were pioneers, setting the stage for the prog-rock giants of the future. Fast forward to 2024: Think Like A Key Music brings us a nostalgic revival with the reissue of their 1967 single "Flowerman." This move is not just a trip down memory lane but a reaffirmation of The Syn's timeless influence, especially evident in the band reunion in 2004. Reigniting their progressive rock legacy with new music and reinvigorated performances, they bridged their influential past with the contemporary music scene.


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