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Ward White

Ward White

Ward White, the art-rock enigma hailing from Los Angeles, has spent the last decade crafting an audacious discography that laughs in the face of categorization. Lauded for his "superbly lyrical voice" by The New Yorker and showered with praise from the likes of NPR to The Big Takeover, White dances on the fringe of the mainstream, a phantom in the spotlight. Even Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh is in the fan club, dubbing him a "poet" with Bowie-esque mystique on Rain Phoenix’s LaunchLeft podcast. The plot thickens with Think Like A Key Music's release of his 2024 album, Here Come The Dowsers, a title that promises to dive deeper into White's labyrinth of genius, blurring the lines between the avant-garde and the accessible.


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