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Michael de Albuquerque

Michael de Albuquerque

Michael de Albuquerque ignited the jazz-rock fusion scene with Frank Ricotti in 1971 on First Wind, melding guitar and vocals with Ricotti's vibraphone and sax. His tenure with ELO enriched albums like ELO 2, On the Third Day, and Eldorado with his signature bass and harmonies, cementing his role in the band’s evolution. Albuquerque's solo works, especially We May Be Cattle But We’ve All Got Names (1973) and Stalking The Sleeper (1976), showcased his innovative spirit, blending progressive rock with his unique vision. Post-ELO, his ventures into Violinski and Sundance with Mary Hopkin demonstrated his genre-defying versatility and collaborative prowess. The reissue of We May Be Cattle by Think Like A Key Music not only celebrates a revival but honors a trailblazer in the 70s music landscape, solidifying Albuquerque's enduring impact on music across generations.


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