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Pop Art
DC Cardwell
Think Like A Key Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
10 marca 2023
  • Winyl 1×LP, Limited Edition

    • + MP3


    • 140g Black Vinyl
    • 3mm Spined Cover, Matte Finish
    • Remastered by Roger Houdaille
    • First Time On Vinyl
    • Part of TLAK Singer/Songwriter Limited Series

Irish-born, Tasmania-based singer-songwriter DC Cardwell has gathered devoted fans around the globe with his smart, tuneful songs, affecting voice and skillful, inventive guitar playing. His second album, Pop Art, is an exceptionally sharp, melodic pop album delivered with inspiration heard only more clearly on this newly remastered edition. Making its vinyl debut as part of Think Like A Key Music’s singer-songwriter series, all nine tracks are standouts among DC's catalog and make excellent starting point for those unfamiliar with DC’s music as well as a much appreciated addition for its fans.

Lista utworów

  1. 1 In The Cloud 4:12 Kup

    In The Cloud

  2. 2 Don't Know Why 4:15 Kup

    Don't Know Why

  3. 3 The Sun, The Moon, The Stars 5:14 Kup

    The Sun, The Moon, The Stars

  4. 4 Have I Got News For You 5:20 Kup

    Have I Got News For You

  5. 5 I Need A Manager 4:10 Kup

    I Need A Manager

  6. 6 Serving My Time 3:28 Kup

    Serving My Time

  7. 7 Love Is Patient 5:09 Kup

    Love Is Patient

  8. 8 Record Store Day 4:14 Kup

    Record Store Day

  9. 9 I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day 2:56 Kup

    I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day

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