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Reality (2023 Remaster)
Second Hand
Think Like A Key Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
1 septiembre 2023
  • CD

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    • 350g Full Color Digipack
    • 12-page booklet with rare photos and liner notes
    • Remastered by Prof. Stoned
    • Expanded with 3 Bonus Tracks

Second Hand's groundbreaking debut album Reality from 1968 is a captivating journey into experimental psychedelia that defies categorization. A true hidden gem of the era, revered by Pete Townsend of The Who, Reality continues to break free from the monotony, offering an authentic and highly unique musical experience even well over 50 years after its initial release. The album is lyrically biographical and thematically unified, weaving an intricate and compelling sonic narrative. It pushes the boundaries with its ‘kitchen sink’ production, employing ambitious techniques of the era such as backward tapes and treated vocals and instruments. The 2023 edition of this underappreciated gem boasts a fantastic upgrade in sound quality, thanks to the skillful remastering by Prof. Stoned as well as an informative 12-page booklet and restored artwork and photos.

Lista de pistas digitales

  1. 1 A Fairy Tale 3:18 Comprar

    A Fairy Tale

  2. 2 Rhubarb! 3:47 Comprar


  3. 3 Denis James the Clown 2:21 Comprar

    Denis James the Clown

  4. 4 Steam Tugs 3:14 Comprar

    Steam Tugs

  5. 5 Good Old '59 (We Are Slowly Gettin' Older) 2:19 Comprar

    Good Old '59 (We Are Slowly Gettin' Older)

  6. 6 The World Will End Yesterday 3:50 Comprar

    The World Will End Yesterday

  7. 7 Denis James (Ode to D.J.) 3:15 Comprar

    Denis James (Ode to D.J.)

  8. 8 Mainliner 6:14 Comprar


  9. 9 Reality 8:34 Comprar


  10. 10 The Bath Song 3:11 Comprar

    The Bath Song

  11. 11 Steam Tugs (Demo Take) 5:33 Comprar

    Steam Tugs (Demo Take)

  12. 12 James in the Basement 2:48 Comprar

    James in the Basement

  13. 13 I Am Nearly There 5:29 Comprar

    I Am Nearly There

Second Hand

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