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Nashville Sessions
Roger Knott
Think Like A Key Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
6 octobre 2023

Introducing Nashville Sessions - the long-awaited compilation from UK singer-songwriter Roger Knott, whose musical journey dates back to the vibrant 60s and 70s with the band Lifeblud. Now gaining well-deserved attention, thanks to recently released archive recordings from that era, Roger's creativity blossomed in 2004, igniting a prolific songwriting phase and embracing a distinctive country singer-songwriter style. Drawn to Nashville, his talent caught the ear of esteemed producer Pat McInerney, leading to collaborations with exceptional musicians like guitarist Thomm Jutz. Nashville Sessions is a mesmerizing compilation of 48 songs that beautifully bridges the past and present, granting a rare glimpse into the heartfelt melodies, storytelling, and enduring artistry of Roger Knott.

Pennyblack Music

"Knott’s work makes no demands on the listener; his melodies wrap around you, offering a familiar, cosy feeling, as if you've heard them before, yet you know you haven't."


Daniel Johnston, Carbon Leaf, Gordon Lightfoot, Roddy Frame

Liste de titres pour édition numérique

  1. 1 Call Me Back 3:21 Acheter

    Call Me Back

  2. 2 Seeing Ireland Again 4:01 Acheter

    Seeing Ireland Again

  3. 3 High On Leaving 2:51 Acheter

    High On Leaving

  4. 4 Good Times Have None To Spare 3:40 Acheter

    Good Times Have None To Spare

  5. 5 I Can't Find Anybody 3:15 Acheter

    I Can't Find Anybody

  6. 6 The Sound Of Your Name 4:03 Acheter

    The Sound Of Your Name

  7. 7 The Devil Riding By 3:02 Acheter

    The Devil Riding By

  8. 8 Surprise (Open Your Eyes) 2:25 Acheter

    Surprise (Open Your Eyes)

  9. 9 Late Bloom 2:47 Acheter

    Late Bloom

  10. 10 Here's To A Free World 4:07 Acheter

    Here's To A Free World

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