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Nick Frater
Think Like A Key Music
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17 novembre 2023

Nick Frater's 11th studio album, Bivouac, emerges as a sophisticated pop masterpiece in his prolific discography. Embarking on a thematic journey, it encapsulates the quest for solace in a woodland sanctuary amidst post-industrial Britain. Drawing melodic echoes from Bacharach, Tillbrook, McCartney, and Rundgren, Frater's songcraft resonates deeply, particularly with devotees of Ram and Wizard a True Star. Across 23 impressive tracks, Bivouac adeptly melds power-pop, orchestral-pop, and prog intricacies, serving as a testament to Frater's creative dedication. Embracing an ambitious collaborative spirit, he unites with melodic-rock luminaries including Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Beck/Jellyfish), Luke Smith (Ulysses), and Joe Kane (The Poppermost), seamlessly intertwining these talents with authentic Radiophonic tape effects, Mellotron textures, and Pink Floyd's original Dark Side of the Moon synthesizer.

Powerpopaholic, 10/23

"Nick lets his orchestral pop genie out of the bottle with several song suites...Overall, highly recommended."


The Beatles, Todd Rundgren, XTC, The Beach Boys

Lista dei brani digitali

  1. 1 Wake Up Sleepyheads 0:44 Acquista

    Wake Up Sleepyheads

  2. 2 The Town Of Opportunities (Part 1 & 2) 2:38 Acquista

    The Town Of Opportunities (Part 1 & 2)

  3. 3 Mean Vincent 0:57 Acquista

    Mean Vincent

  4. 4 The Town Of Opportunites (Part 3) 0:45 Acquista

    The Town Of Opportunites (Part 3)

  5. 5 The Axe 1:10 Acquista

    The Axe

  6. 6 Hello Monday! 2:26 Acquista

    Hello Monday!

  7. 7 Keep It Simple, Stupid 3:13 Acquista

    Keep It Simple, Stupid

  8. 8 Heaven It Can Wait 2:38 Acquista

    Heaven It Can Wait

  9. 9 Singing Kawai 0:38 Acquista

    Singing Kawai

  10. 10 Sixteen Houses 1:55 Acquista

    Sixteen Houses

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