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Paradise Is Free
Rome 56
Think Like A Key Music
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Release Date
5 aprile 2024

Decades after making waves with gritty NYC new wavers The Shirts, Arthur Lamonica proves he's still got the hooks on Rome 56's infectious new outing Paradise Is Free. Recorded between New York and Amsterdam with his wife and longtime co-pilot Kathleen, this effortlessly catchy album shows Lamonica remains a master of fusing power pop, new wave and roots rock into retro-modern gold. Paradise Is Free taps into Lamonica's talented transatlantic musicians, enlisting their musical muscle across the albums twelve tracks. Anchored in ambiguity, the punchy "The Man Behind the Man With a Gun" sets an intrigued tone as it gives way to the roots-rock jangle of "Hustle of the Crowd" and the classic rock swagger of "Invisible Man." Throughout it all, Lamonica flexes his versatility while staying true to his knack for sticky songcraft, adding another catchy chapter to his bands enduring songbook.


Tom Petty, Teenage Fanclub, War On Drugs, Blur

Lista dei brani digitali

  1. 1 The Man Behind The Man With The Gun 2:56 Acquista

    The Man Behind The Man With The Gun

  2. 2 Hustle Of The Crowd 3:20 Acquista

    Hustle Of The Crowd

  3. 3 Fire In The Sky 4:45 Acquista

    Fire In The Sky

  4. 4 Seattle 3:38 Acquista


  5. 5 The End Of The Street 3:35 Acquista

    The End Of The Street

  6. 6 Paradise Is Free 3:31 Acquista

    Paradise Is Free

  7. 7 Invisible Man 4:30 Acquista

    Invisible Man

  8. 8 A Simple Way To Go 3:16 Acquista

    A Simple Way To Go

  9. 9 Some Say 4:05 Acquista

    Some Say

  10. 10 The Midnight Sun 3:30 Acquista

    The Midnight Sun

  11. 11 Dry Ice 2:54 Acquista

    Dry Ice

  12. 12 Give Myself Up To You 4:57 Acquista

    Give Myself Up To You

Rome 56

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