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Something Unreal: The Best Of Ex Norwegian
Ex Norwegian
Think Like A Key Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 20, 2019
  • Vinyl 1×LP, Limited Edition

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    • 140g Black Vinyl
    • 3mm Spine Cardboard Glossy Sleeve
    • Limited to 100 Copies!
  • CD 2×CD, Limited Edition

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    • 16-Page Booklet with Liner Notes by Dan Daniels
    • Second Disc with Rare, Live & Non-Album Tracks
    • Newly Remastered, Limited Pressing

Somehow through the cosmic forces and mystical hiccups it's entirely possible you've been missing out on one of music’s great treasures. This 2019 compilation of Ex Norwegian's first 10 years may just remedy this situation. A friendly priced 2-CD set, featuring their most important tracks like "Jet Lag", "Fresh Pit", "Pure Gold", "Original Copy", "Triggered Weeknd" and "Making Deals" is a perfect introduction to this arcane group led by Roger Houdaille. The second, bonus disc contains previously unreleased live recordings, rare covers, and non-album tracks.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Life (2019 Mix) 2:44 Buy

    Life (2019 Mix)

  2. 2 Something Unreal 2:20 Buy

    Something Unreal

  3. 3 Original Copy 2:24 Buy

    Original Copy

  4. 4 Sudeki Lover 2:56 Buy

    Sudeki Lover

  5. 5 Jet Lag 3:10 Buy

    Jet Lag

  6. 6 Making Deals 3:01 Buy

    Making Deals

  7. 7 Unstoppable (2019 Mix) 3:17 Buy

    Unstoppable (2019 Mix)

  8. 8 Pure Gold 3:31 Buy

    Pure Gold

  9. 9 Initiative Rock 3:00 Buy

    Initiative Rock

  10. 10 Triggered Weeknd 3:42 Buy

    Triggered Weeknd

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Ex Norwegian

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Ex Norwegian

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