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Ancient And Modern
Alan Clayson
Think Like A Key Music
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1 dicembre 2023

Ancient and Modern: Highlights of Half-a-Century is a testament to Alan Clayson's five decades of musical brilliance. Known as the charismatic frontman of Clayson and the Argonauts and a notable solo artist, both entities are characterized by their distinctive recorded output and stage acts that defy succinct description. This compilation showcases the breadth of Clayson's styles, from psychedelic gems like “Pagan Mercia” to introspective folk tracks such as “The Moonlight Skater,” co-written with Jim McCarty of the Yardbirds. Moreover, since 2011, he has been touring with Clayson Sings Chanson, a presentation aligned with the recent edition of his Jacques Brel biography, La Vie Bohème - just one among thirty books of which he is the author. This handpicked collection enhances his already remarkable discography, providing an excellent entry point for newcomers.

The Beat, 12/23

"...troubadour perpetuator of a stage act said to elude succinct description, where his compositions have been highly individual in approach - with a wide range of ideas filtered through decidedly maverick thought processes..."


Hawkwind, Frank Zappa, John Otway, Donovan, The Moody Blues

Lista dei brani digitali

  1. 1 Sol Nova 4:37 Acquista

    Sol Nova

  2. 2 Pagan Mercia 4:08 Acquista

    Pagan Mercia

  3. 3 The Local Mister Strange 4:52 Acquista

    The Local Mister Strange

  4. 4 Landwaster 3:21 Acquista


  5. 5 Eleanor In Bondage 3:03 Acquista

    Eleanor In Bondage

  6. 6 Rebel Rocker 2:52 Acquista

    Rebel Rocker

  7. 7 Run Kalwinder 4:21 Acquista

    Run Kalwinder

  8. 8 Heedless Child 2:33 Acquista

    Heedless Child

  9. 9 Days In Old Rotterdam 2:53 Acquista

    Days In Old Rotterdam

  10. 10 The Rake's Progress 3:54 Acquista

    The Rake's Progress

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